Caporalato. An authentic agromafia.pdf

Caporalato. An authentic agromafia PDF

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ISBN 9788869772191
AUTOR Fiammetta Fanizza,Marco Omizzolo
DATEINAME Caporalato. An authentic agromafia.pdf

Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soup: Authentic Recipe! ... 'Agromafia' Exploits Hundreds of Thousands of Agricultural Workers in Italy ... vulnerable conditions, enduring high occupational suffering, warns the fourth report on Agromafie and ... An authentic agromafia" by Fiammetta Fanizza and Marco Omizzolo analyses the presence and rooting of organized crime within Italian agriculture, especially in some regions of Southern Italy, supporting a very interesting thesis: caporalato is not a mere practice of illegal intermediation of workforce, but rather a fully-fledged system which is the core of the activity of organized crime in the field of agriculture and lies on harsh life and work conditions imposed on immigrant farm labourers. Caporalato. An authentic agromafia è un libro di Fiammetta Fanizza , Marco Omizzolo pubblicato da Mimesis International nella collana Sociology: acquista su IBS a 16.00€!